Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Did I miss Easter?

It appears I missed Easter :( 
Belated Easter wishes to you all.  As you know with my dairy,egg and soya allergies I did not think I would be getting any chocolate, or Easter eggs this year!! Ha! I was so wrong! My sweet jon went to town (not literally! He shopped online!) and look what he got me! All dairy and soya and egg free!!! 

I was gob smacked when this parcel arrived! It will take me ages to work my way through this lot!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter 😊

Unfortunately I am still not well... I had taken two weeks of antibiotics and well I still have a horrendous cough and no voice! Today my doctor has asked me to go for a chest x-Ray, we shall see what this shows! And guess what, more antibiotics to take! A different one though! Just until my doctor gets the results from the chest x-Ray.....then he will decide what to do with me! 

It's literally only been two days I have had a clear head, and boy in those two days I have made up not being able to concentrate stitching! Yes! Plodding on with the beautiful HATS sampler, enjoying this again now I can stitch it again! 

I also wanted to make a scissor fob as I kept losing my sewing scissors... Looked in my stash and found an adorable Lizzie Kate design called Farm Fob! It came with ric-rac, beads and fabric so just sourced threads in my stash. 

It's the first time I have finished a project using beads with ric-rac like this....it was fun and now hopefully I want lose my scissors! 

I have been busy with wool whilst my head has been cloudy.... I did not have the patience to concentrate on cross stitching. But I found I could work with wool, so I did! I could not do nothing so pleased I found something I could do! 

I joined in on a free BOM with Buttermilk Basin....AESOME designs! I caught up, done all the first 4 block! Got to wait now until next month for the next block! 

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

That was so much fun. Talking of fun....I made a rather cute pin cushion! But I like it a lot and cannot stick pins in it! So he just sits on my desk now! Ha ha

This is how he started... Oh the pattern, it was in one of my 'old' magazines! 

Awe, yes! Dogs.... I took this photo of Lancelot, he's adorable! 

Looking at me, sat on my bed watching me cough! I bought him a new toy.... A crocodile! He loves it! 

Oooooh yes! Trying to recall what I have not told or shared with you all! Eeeek! Yes! Han drew one of her cute characters and I said, ooooh! I can stitch him! Ha ha so I did! Han loved it! I made it into a badge and it's on her bag now! 

When Han was out the other day she brought me back a pack of Moleskine journals to sketch in....lovely!! So today as I was feeling up to it I decided to try and make a cover for one of them! Something different and new for me to try! 

This is what I came up with....

I measured the bits I needed to, added 3 cm more and voila! I also tried(kind of failed) at adding a packet to the front.  It's rather untidy, but functional so a win I guess!? 

Yes! The hand stitching in the front is a design Hands Across The Sea samplers showed in a tutorial guide. It's called 'Fearless Freehand',  the instructions and photos are brilliant, I followed it fine! 

Here is the completed design.. Yes! Me being me changed the fabric colour and threads too! Ha ha

I really enjoyed challenging myself and the new adventure of freehand stitching 😊 if you too want to challenge yourself or just want to take a look at the tutorial.. Pop along to HATS, there is a quick link in my side bar. 

I think that's pretty much covered what I have be up to whilst being poorly! Hopefully on the mend now? Fingers crossed!! 

I will be back soon! Until then, keep smiling 😊

Friday, 31 March 2017

Good intentions...

Oh my!! What can I say......

I thought I was actually going to be on schedule and put regular blog post up again...hmmmm what happened your wondering? I shall try to explain...

As you can see from the top picture something is wrong! Kevin and Han had caught the snuffles that turned into them both feeling and being rather poorly. Han ended up taking antibiotics for a chest infection. Then poor jon caught it!! Oh my! He literally slept for three whole days! During all that I was feeling alright and running everyone around! 

Then.... Just as jon got better I developed a cough, then my cough got worse.  It's now a full blown horrendous bark! When I cough it's hard to catch my breath and leaves me really light headed, so once again I am stuck in bed.  The best place for me I think! I have no energy and don't think I am over the worst of it yet, I have snuffles, blocked ears and nose and someone has a drill in my head constantly! Han tells me it's going to get worse before it gets better! Hmmmm I keep telling myself it's only a cold! 

Just look at all th meds I am taking...ha ha not all at once! I would like to think they are helping 😊

Whilst being poorly I have tried to do some crafting... Very hard when you can't stop coughing and have no patience for anything. I have done a little doodling with water coloured paints, that's been quiet relaxing.  Ha ha until I start coughing! 

Here is some of my doodling...

Yes I love colour 😊

Ok so here is what I have just about managed to do! 

I prepared my lovely May Basket by Primitive Gatherings.. All I had to do was stitch it down! 

Here is how it was.....

I have managed to put a few stitches in....

Look at the reverse...

I think it rather funny. And the front now....

I think I managed to match the wool colour alright😊 it shall be stitched...soon! 

Oh yes!!! Have to tell you about something I made recently that I am very pleased with.  It's something I had been meaning to do for ages.  To protect my millennium frame and stitching when I am either taking it somewhere or not stitching. This was no easy task as the millennium frame is 45 inches long! Ha ha well I made something and even put a zip in it! Go me!! Han calls it my millennium sleeping bag! Ha ha

I naturally covered up my stitching as its a secret! A Hands Across The Sea design under construction!! 



I feel very happy that I managed to make this! And thankfully just before I got ill!! 

Moving on...

Han and Kevin have been on my case! Oh in a nice way! See they both bought me this dmc kit for Christmas and have been nagging me to stitch it! So yes! I started it! It came on 14 count, I swapped it with some 18 count from my stash as I thought it went better!  Pretty design 😊

Here is where I am...

It's a start!! 

Hmmm talking of starts, I have neglected a particular lolly design that I MUST get back to... Yes! I am talking bout the Blue Ribbon design Botanical Blessings. This one...

I guess I have moved on a little since last time! Ever stitch counts, right?!

Ooooh yes! Sorry side tracking again, just remembered I never showed you all the bag I made with the floral fabrics... Remember this? 

Then this....

And my bag!! It's very useful.

Whilst I am off track here is something else! Jon had done some research into soothing an horrendous barking cough. He's such a great guy! And found out that marshmallows ease it!! Of course they do! Ha ha So Han and Kevin went to the shops....to my shock came back with this!!

I put my phone next to them (iPhone 7) so you could get perspective.

Little closer...

Crazy!! Apparently Han and Kevin found these beauties in the USA isle in Tesco! So maybe all you guys across the pond know about these already?! They are MASSIVE!! I am pleased to say they are helping too! Ha ha I can only manage one every few hours though! 

Ok so I have to get back under my duvet and all I have done since writing this up is cough and cough.... I think I sound much like a rather large dog barking at the moment, no! Maybe a walrus or seal! It's not good either way! 

Happy smiles to you all and I shall return when feeling better and have more to share with you all 😊

Friday, 24 March 2017

What have I been doing?

Hello happy smiley friends 😊

I have to tell you all I am still really excited!! About what? Being accepted into university!!!! Eeeeeeeek!!!!! It's explained in my last post in case you missed it! Yippppeeee! Me a student! 😊

I have lots to share with you all.... I am still stitching but cannot show you it yet! Soon!!

I guess I should start with the wool flower at the top? I wanted to create something with colour and oozing happiness, a mat of sorts to go on my desk when I am not using it.  I had some wonderful charm square packs, and thought about how to use them.  Having never used them before I knew it would be interesting what ever happened to did! A challenge!! 😊

Here are the charm packs, my lovely husband jon has been buying me them as he thought they looked nice! I love them!! 

I decided to use the Moda Bumble Berries one.... Nice bright happy colours 😊 Put with some of my fabric from my stash and some Moda wool...

This is what I came up with!! It's before I stitched the flowers on. 

The finished mat....

I backed it with a raspberry motif fabric, I think I bought in IKEA! Love idea!! 😊 My mat has a place....on my desk!! More on my desk maybe in my next post 😊

I will stay with wool as I seem to of made a few things with wool lately! Hmmm I have Rebekah L Smiths wool Applique folk art book and love the designs in it.

I made an adorable bunny in it first.... I made the pattern smaller and oh yes! Changed the colours! Ha ha just like me!! 

Yes! I made a green toned bunny!  Why not?! 
Before stitching...

After stitching and made into a cute pin cushion....

Then I decided to make something a little more challenging.... With lots of bits... Fiddly with the scissors!! 
Again I made it smaller and changed colours slightly.

I love wool, it just feels really lovely to work with and I really enjoy creating with it.

I did sort out my art box, see I was going to go along to a local art club... Cutting a long story short, it appears I was not welcome to join the group! Han says I don't need them! I will find another group.

Ooooh yes!! More on that pencil case in a moment! 😊

I cheered myself up with a happy doodle picture....

Back to wool for a moment.... I have had this Design from Primitive Gatherings called May Basket Welcome Banner in my stash for some time now.  I thought it would be nice to actually make it!! Ha ha so that's what I sent out to do! I got as far as cutting the design out and placing it, using fuse and bond it's all stuck down in place too.  All I need to do is stitch it....here lies the dilemma! I was thinking to try and match the colours of the wool and stitch like that.. Then I had another thought to just stitch it all with black? Hmmmm perhaps not! Sounded alright in my head, but now I have put it on paper I don't like that idea much at all! Ha ha guess I will be colour matching! I will use anchor threads probably as I have a fair few of them I don't use for cross stitching now.

So I should hopefully have an update on this next time! 😊

I am sure I share these with you? Appologise if I have.... Here they are if not!! So I joined some time ago now Kathy Schmitz One Stitch Club and every month a new design is released to stitch. The blue one is the one I stitched and the red one is the one Kathy Schmitz stitched!! Yes!! THE actual design Kathy Schmitz did!! 
And I bet your all wondering how I got hold of that?! Ha ha well..... I stitched up this moths design the quickest and posted it in the group.  As a kind of reward I received the one Kathy stitched!! How awesome right?! 
I was thinking and thinking what to do with them both and then it came to me! I needed pencil cases, so that's what I made! Or rather tried to! Zips!! Another new challenge for me! Omg! Tricky!! 

Here they are...

I love them... I managed to line them too... Very pleased with myself 😊

I have done more creating!! I think my sewing machine missed me!! 

It's almost Mother's Day here in England so again I thought what could I do.... A kind of basket my mum could use to put her wool in when she is knitting. Great plan!! Then I thought about adding a little simple mum motif.

Before stitching....

I made the basket then I just wanted to see exactly how much it would hold... A lot!! 

I made a tiny little one too, forgot to take a photo of that! I know my mum loves them as I have already given them to her! See I bought her favourite chocolates too.... Maltesers in those little red boxes, and I put them in the basket.  I had to keep moving the basket around, away from our radiators as I was afraid I would melt them! So instead of giving her melted chocolate I gave it to her a little earlier.  She really liked them and I know she is using them too!! 

Here is a photo of my mums one and two others I made! Ha ha for me! I liked them too! They are surprisingly really quite large and hold a lot.

Oh but I did not stop there!! Han loves bees so I made her one too!! 

They are multiplying all over our house! Ha ha 

I just wanted to share a few things of what I have been eating....tried something new, corn tacos filled with mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, grated carrot and onion.  It also had a light mixed herb dressing on.  Tasted really good and I liked the crunch of the tacos.  Different, light and nice 😊 nice one Jon for thinking up that one!  

I also love Heinz vegetable soup, it's my go to food when I am feeling poorly and bored with food as I will always like this! 
Everyone here thinks I am odd! Well rather it's odd how I eat it! Ha ha I eat all the liquid first...

That leaves the yummy vegetables to eat last! Mmmmm

Nothing odd about that? Just the way I enjoy my soup! 

Ok.... I am pretty sure your all bored of me and my photos now! Until next time.... Keep smiling 😊😊